At the Crossroads

It has been many years since Robert Frost expressed in words what so many have experienced In life through his insightful poem, The Road Not Taken. When I taught English as a Second Language classes in our church in San Jose, I often had our advanced students study that particular classic of American literature as both a well written work of English composition and as an allegory to which they could readily relate. Each of them, mostly Vietnamese immigrants, had made a “crossroads” choice to leave all that they new and come to America.

When Abraham left Ur, the crossroad experience was profound. He could stay on the course of his father and remain where he was, or he could answer the call of God to leave for a mysterious country in an adventure of faith and utter dependence.

Moses was jolted from his comfort zone when he chose to identify with his enslaved cousins in Egypt. He committed a spasmodic act of rage and fled the country as a wanted man. He soon found a place of refuge and comfort in Midian. His crossroads experience with God at the burning bush led him back to Egypt that he might lead his people out of slavery and into freedom. And for them, the Israelites, it was one crossroads after another, each requiring risk, each demanding faith, each insisting that they look to God and God alone for their security and protection.

If you are facing a crossroads in your life, you are not alone. You are joined by a parade of cross-over people through history and by God Himself who is leading you over. Your assignment in this journey is to learn to listen and trust at a newer and deeper level. The circumstances are fluid, but the lessons are eternal. Take the road less traveled. Follow Jesus.




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